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To put it simply, there is no point of diminishing returns, you can't play your instrument too much and you can't use the Tone Traveler too much.

For questions about installing your tone traveler check out our quick installation video!

We estimate that 3 hours of Tone Traveler use is equivalent to approximately 10 hours of playing time (Assuming that all string tones are activated).  The Tone Traveler creates the same result as extended play time, the more you use the Tone Traveler, the better your instrument will sound.

Newer, tighter, unplayed instruments have the most to gain and will need more extended treatments.  We recommend four 5-10 hour sessions a week until the desired effect is obtained.

Older instruments that have not been played often or recently will typically make major gains in the first few treatments.  Vintage instruments tend to awaken quickly and then continue to mature on an accelerated course with regular Tone Traveler sessions.

Once your instrument has matured the desired amount, we recommend using the Tone Traveler for at least 2-5 hours a week to keep your instrument at its greatest sonic potential.

If your instrument has one string that tends to fall behind the others, we recommend activating that string's tone, allowing the tone traveler to condition that string for several hour-long sessions with the user checking the result between each session until the desired results are obtained.

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