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The adage that playing your instrument improves its tone has long been a point of contention in the music world.  We have set out to collect information about the effect that sound has on an instrument.  First there is this article from the New York Times (if you have NY times subscription here is the original article) about a scholarly study proving that,  "continuous forced vibrations similar to those experienced with regular use of a musical instrument changes the nature of the wood."

The following is a facebook post from Robert Mizek at Robert's Luthiery.  Robert is a luthier and an engineer.  As a mechanical engineer Robert has specialized on recording the effects of vibrations on consumer products.  When Robert reached out to us explaining his background in engineering/luthiery we were excited to hear that he possessed a lot of specialized software, equipment, and (most importantly) knowledge and experience.  The results speak for themselves as Robert has been able to use his years of multi-industry experience to quantify and record the changes that occur from vibrating an acoustic instrument.



Check out the new test we did on an electric guitar!  The results are pretty wild!

Here is our home made experiment that we did in the recording studio.  We do not have the same scientific equipment, software, or knowhow that the above experiment was conducted with, but this is an example of what the Tone Traveler can do for a 80+ year old instrument that had fallen asleep. Watch as a Tone Traveler brings an old Gibson J-35 guitar back to life.  This time-lapse video shows what happens when we attach a Tone Traveler on an old Gibson for 5 hours.  We did not touch the volume or position of the Tone Traveler, microphone, or mic input as you can see in the time-lapse.

DISCLAIMER: This is an example of reawakening an 80+ year old guitar that had not been played in many years.  New guitars may not show the same immediate increase in dBs but, but will gain tonal clarity and loudness at an accelerated rate.  The Tone Traveler is designed to help you reach your tonal goals within your lifetime, this was just a great example of how the Tone Traveler effects the resonance of an instrument.


This is an untouched recording of a single documented take of how the Tone Traveler directly effect’s the resonance of a guitar. 


Here's The Same Test Done On An Electric

Here's A Similar Experiment
Done By Marcel

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