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  • Tablet Boots Up To A Blue Screen With Yellow Menu Options
    The menu options might be in Chinese or English. This means you have entered "Factory Mode" by pressing the volume down button while starting the tablet. See the video below or read the following to exit "Factory Mode": There is a small pinhole below the silver power button simply press the pinhole with a paper and the tablet will power off and exit "Factory Mode."
  • Tablet Will Not Power On
    The Tone Traveler tablet can enter a battery safety mode if left discharged for too long follow the steps in this youtube video to reactivate your tablet.
  • Speaker Fails To Connect With Tablet
    If your speaker ever fails to connect with your tablet, make sure you have followed the setup guide closely. If all else fails the app will guide you through repairing the speaker with the tablet. It can take some time for the app to realize that the speaker has become unpaired, please be patient. Restarting your tablet allows it to begin a fresh search for your speaker.
  • Speaker Pairs With Tablet But Does Not Produce Sound
    Make sure that you have not connected to the speaker from another device. If the speaker's blue power button glows a solid blue, this indicates that the speaker is connected to another device and no audio is being played. We do not recommend connecting the speaker to your other devices for this reason. That being said, simply turn bluetooth off on your personal device that you connected to the speaker and then restart both your speaker and your tablet. If all else fails simply restart the tablet and the speaker.
  • Tablet Is Producing Audio or Audio Is Quiet And Out Of Tune
    This means that your speaker has become disconnected from the tablet. Your speaker is more than likely in need of a charge. Try powering the speaker on. If it fails to turn on or it turns on and begins to repeatedly beep three times, put it on the charger. If the speaker doesn't need to be charged, simply power your speaker on and it should connect. If it does not reconnect or no audio is produced when it reconnects simply restart your tablet.
  • Application Repeatedly Crashes
    We have done our best to make a rock solid application that seamlessly interfaces with your Tone Traveler speaker, but crashes can happen. Normally crashes are brief and the application will auto reload to the opening screen. If the app continuously crashes, simply restart your tablet. We have not had any problems with repeated crashes or crashes in general but restarting the tablet will allow it to clear whatever problem is causing the crash.
  • Customers living 7,000 feet above sea level or more:
    Move!... Just kidding! If your speaker is quiet, please contact us. It's come to our attention that, due to our speaker's being a sealed system, it can be effected by altitude. The low pressure of high altitudes can cause the speaker to play very quietly or not at all. Contact us and we will send you a modified speaker!
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