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A Tone Traveler box, tablet, and speaker standing in front of a background of 3 gibson acoustic guitars
Improve Your Instrument More Tone Less Time

Playing an instrument creates full spectrum vibrations that improve tone and response.  The Tone Traveler does the exact same thing.


"I have to admit that I was skeptical about whether the tone traveler would make a difference in my guitars but I figured I would give it a try anyway ... There's no doubt in my mind that the tone traveler has opened up my guitars in a way that only constant playing for years and years and years could. Without a doubt I think the tone traveler is definitely worth the money. It's the best guitar accessory I've ever purchased!" (read more)


-Bruce Conforth:

Resident Historian of the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

Founding Curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Student of Reverend Gary Davis

Along With Many Other Accolades

"This innovative tool is really causing a buzz in the vintage instrument industry and looks to be a big step up from competitive products. Can't wait to put it to work on my next batch of guitars and mandolins."

-Randy Wood: Master Luthier/Randy Wood Guitars, Inc.

"This will be a treatment I give all of my instruments from now on."

 - Lynn Dudenbostel: Master Luthier

"Just finished 72 hours on the beautiful Takamine 12 string my wife gifted me last year. It now sounds like I've played it for 30 years. The best. Thanks, guys."

 - Dan Miller: See Dan's Recorded Results

"I have been buying, selling, and trading high end flat tops for over 40 years. I bought one of these a month ago. Now I own two."

 - Dave Crocker: Amigo Guitar Shows

"...Talking about the Tone Traveler, I have it and it blew me away.  I put it on one of my SGI guitars and increased the volume and tone by 20% overnight. Yeah they work."

 - J.P. Cormier:

Canada's Legendary Multi Instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and teacher.

"Overall, I can't recommend the Tone Traveler enough. It
is an absolute must-have for any musician who is serious about sound and wants
to open the sound, tone, and response of their instrument(s) much faster. If
you're looking for a device that will help you achieve all these benefits, then
look no further than the Tone Traveler. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

 - Luis Gomez-Imbert:

Principal bass with the Miami Symphony Orchestra

double bass professor at Florida International University

& executive director of the Miami International Academy of double bass

"The results were conclusive: this device does what it claims…We tested it on a 2021 Bourgeois OM Large Soundhole, a 2020 Bourgeois Banjo Killer, a 2020 Northfield Artist F-5, and a 1942 Epiphone Triumph orchestral archtop, with exposures ranging from a few hours to over 100. In every case the device produced a noticeable difference in sound, some more than others...ToneTraveler from Dr Herringbone represents a real technological breakthrough, based on our experiences...this device has no competition."

 - Dave McCarty: Bluegrass Unlimited

"As the owner of several vintage guitars, most notably “Frankie” my 1936 D-18 and a number of high-end new guitars, I have to say that the Tone Traveler is a godsend. It’s based on the science of resonant frequencies and it just works. It wakes up my old guitars and helps the new guitars find their voice quicker.”

 - Bob Minner: Acclaimed Flatpicker and acoustic guitarist for Tim McGraw

"Here at Pre-War Guitars, we’ve put the Tone Traveler through it’s paces on both new instruments and old, as well as head to head with it’s competition. The results speak for themselves. Nothing even comes close."


-Ben Maschal: Prewar Guitars

"I left the Tone Traveler going overnight for about nine or ten hours. When I played the guitar the next morning, I was sold.... It sounded like it had been played nonstop for months." 

-Scott Coney: Alan Jackson and The Strayhorns

"The Tone Traveler is like a tonal alignment...'s a game changer"


-Andrew Marlin: Watch House PKA Mandolin Orange

"I’ve become a dedicated Tone Traveler user! It’s made a difference for all of my instruments – banjos, guitars and one mandolin, whether they are almost 100 years old or they are of more recent vintage... ...This is just about the most revolutionary way to make your treasured instrument sound better that I’ve ever experienced, short of playing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!" (read more)


-Bill Evans: and recipient of the 2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize

"I recently bought a D-28 Authentic and got a Tone Traveler to go along with it. I immediately noticed a difference in volume, tone, and response after my first session. It's a must have for any serious instrument collector."


-Benjamin Richey: Of Gruhn Guitars

“After trying it on all manner of instruments, I have yet to find a guitar, new or old, that the Tone Traveler wasn’t able to improve in some way. And some of the improvements were quite dramatic! I’m definitely a believer.” 

-Will Lowe: Lowe Vintage

"Dr. Herringbone’s Tone Traveler system is designed to help your acoustic guitar or mandolin have a played-in sound through technology … The Tone Traveler delivers what it claims, and I was impressed." 

-Eric Dahl: American Songwriter Magazine

"I put it on my 1927 Gibson F5 (fern) and wow, it has really awakened this wonderful beast"

-Tony Williamson: Mandolin Central

"I’m a firm believer in the Tone Traveler for anything from my my brand new F-5 to my Lloyd Loar signed 1923 F-5."

-CJ Lewandowski: Po' Ramblin' Boys

"As a guitar dealer for 25 years I would say the device was able to produce the effect on the guitar that probably about 6 months to a year of ’normal’ daily playing might have brought about."

-Chris Kamen: Classic Guitars International

"A quality build , class packaging, and an amazing tool. So why not give credit where credit is due ? The truth is, others have tried the concept,

but have all fallen short."


-W.C. Wells: Foothill Studio

"It's like having a super charger added to my guitar's engine. WOW"


-Lindo Crisco

"After using it for about 8 hours on my old Granada I’ve noticed a lot more clarity and openness in the banjo. Banjo enthusiasts love innovative ideas and devices that make their banjos sound better. This one does just that!"

-Rick LaFleur

"Get one they work and they have excellent customer service"

-Nick Right

"I just Tone Traveled a new Kentucky KM-606 mandolin for around 100 hours. The difference in tone, chop and sustain is tremendous."

-Roscoe Morgan Jr.

"I used it on my Guild and got a whole new guitar! Outstanding!!"

-Tom King.

"I can Highly recommend. I
Use it on all My acoustics and my cello"

-Karl Johnson

"I used it on a Taylor AD22, Gibson 00, Martin 00, and a Taylor 714. They all sound better. Warm rich tone."

-Bob Gemmell

"Wow what a difference. My hd 28 is 5yrs old and is played everyday. I was wondering if it would make a difference and it sure did. The volume and tone that it increased is unbelievable. Very happy with my tone traveler."

-David Kitts

"I used it a brand new Eastman maple jumbo for a week and the results were amazing. I'm using it on all my newer instruments now."

-Kerry Spitzer

"I have regularly used the Tone Traveler for the past few months on my two main guitars: Collings D1A and a Madagascar Huss & Dalton TDR. I am very happy to report a noticeable improvement in my instruments clarity, bass, volume and overall tone so much so that my wife even noticed the difference. I recently had the opportunity to play two incredible vintage 1950’s Martin dreadnoughts at my local guitar shop. In comparison, I am very pleased with how far along the Tone Traveler has matured my humble collection’s sound quality compared to these amazing vintage instruments!"

-Jack Johns

"I am a big skeptic. I had my doubts when I ordered the Tone Traveler. Ten days later after using it on my 49’ D18 and my 74’ D35 I was at a loss for words. I used it almost around the clock for the first 7 days. Lots more volume, each string had clearer tone and sustain. You can feel the guitar come to life. I wish I could have had one of these years ago. Thank you!!"

-Tim McCracken

"This thing is awesome! I use it on all my mandolins and fiddles. Opens up the tone amazingly!"

-Anne Duffus

"The product is fantastic. It’s made a huge difference on each instrument I’ve tested it on."

-Cary Miller

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